My essential wardrobe



The key items you simply can’t live without

We are living in a time of excessive consumption. Fast fashion is like a flirt – easy, fast, fun but without deeper meaning. Style on the other hand, is the real everlasting love to your wardrobe and your personal style.

My Essential Wardrobe because...Style is always in fashion!
The items you time after time return to – the ones that makes you feel the most confident - the items that always save you in a what-to-wear crisis. Effortless, cool and feminine with edge.

My Essential Wardrobe is also a loving thought to our world.
Organic or sustainable buying isn’t enough. Not if it happens without thought and with an over-consumption. My Essential Wardrobe has a strong focus on choice of material, recycling, processing and long-lasting styles.

Buy your clothes wisely and wash it wisely.
My Essential Wardrobe is “a real keeper”...

I hope you will love My Essential Wardrobe, as much as I do.