Our material - Denim

Denim is a relatively thick and sturdy material consisting of a twill-threaded cotton. Denim sometimes can also include both polyester and elastane. As a material, denim is usually used for jeans and denim jackets. Denim is great at giving a cool look... the unique denim edge.

Denim can be hard on the environment with a very high consumption of water. The manufacture of one pair of jeans uses 7.000-8.000 litres of water, and the indigo dye is hard on the environment if not kept in a closed water system. Because we partner with the better cotton initiative to improve cotton farming globally, we also make sure, that the water is used efficiently. 

Our material - Denim

D/H's choice, for a more sustainable solution

We partner with Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally. This is something we have a huge focus on, trough our styles. 

Because we work with BCI, we automatically choose to work with farmers, who has to follow a line of principles, like minimizing the use of toxic pesticides as well as use water more efficiently.


This is very important us, because of the fact, that 60% to 100% of a denim jeans is made by cotton. We also care a lot for the production of our jeans. 85% of our production is handled in Turkey with our Turkish partner.