Our material - Tencel

Tencel® is a material where the fiber is derived from sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified and controlled sources. Tencel® fibers are produced in an environmentally responsible closed loop production process (Based on solvent spinning). This material has a lot of benefits, and is a great sustainable replacement to Viscose. 

Sustainable solution

D/H's choice, for a more sustainable solution

We have chosen to focus on Tencel® material, because of the environmental benefits.

We give you five good reasons why, it's important to us, to use this sustainable material:

1. The fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources.

2. 99% of the water and solvents used in the production, are recycled and used again.

3. The pulp is dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent.

4. The manufacturing process is reasonably low in water intensity and energy intensity.

5. The solvent is recycled in a closed loop process, which results in low emissions.