Denim Hunter DNMONA SKIRT LIGHT WOVEN 10702404

Denim Hunter DNMONA SKIRT LIGHT WOVEN 10702404

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Denim Hunter has made a trendy and beautiful skirt with inspiration from the popular Mona dot dress. The cute dots is timeless and the long skirt can be styled in many different ways. Try to style it with a cosy knit and a pair of boots or style it with almost anything else in your wardrobe.

*Timeless dots
*Soft materials
*Easy to style

100% Polyester
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Denim Hunter Designer Jeans

Denim Hunter is a Danish jeans brand created by people with opinions and attitude to the design of clothes and fashion jeans. We are 100% dedicated to the fashion trade and has textile experts with many years of expertise in developing the perfect pair of jeans. At Denim Hunter we don’t believe in  the ideal measurements, because women are naturally different. Therefore, we tailor different lines of jeans to ensure you can find a pair that will fit you. Because all women deserve cool jeans!