Our material - Viscose
Viscose is a regenerated wood-based fiber, but it undergoes more chemical processes than other natural fibers, hence the designation “regenerated fiber”. Viscose is produced by using several chemical processes that consume large quantities of water, energy and chemicals, which are an environmental problem, both in terms of production and disposal.
Sustainable solution

D/H's choice, for a more sustainable solution

We always focus on the use of Ecovero, as a part of our sustainable choices. Ecovero is a non-profit organization that uses FSC certified wood, and the manufacture of the viscose fiber takes place in a closed system, reusing the water and chemicals.

As well as Ecovero, we also has a huge focus on getting the right certifications on our sustainable styles. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are with confidence and a good ethics. Products marked with the label "Confidence in textiles" provide effective protection against allergenic substances, formaldehyde, heavy metals such as nickel or for example forbidden plasticizers (phthalates) in textiles.


We give you four of the benefits, from having this label:

1. Added value -Textiles tested for harmful substances offer all the advantages of modern textile products (quality, functionality, fashion/trends, durability etc.)

2. Extensive safety -All product components have to be harmless without exception, that means they have to meet the required human ecology criteria. The OEKO-TEX® laboratory tests also take into account all conceivable ways how harmful substances could enter the body.

3. Transparency -The OEKO-TEX® test criteria are valid worldwide. It therefore does not matter where the certified.

4. VVerifiability -Consumers can independently verify the validity of a label using the test number provided at any time.

Treat your material right