Our material - Wool

Wool is an incredibly versatile material that is naturally odor resistant, impressively moisture wicking and has good temperature-regulating properties. Some of the pros of using wool is the temperature regulation. In both hot and cold weather, it keeps its wearer warm even if it gets wet. It doesn’t smell and it’s naturally bacteriostatic.

Our material - Wool

D/H's choice, for a more sustainable solution

In our sustainable styles we have chosen to focus on Alpaca Wool. Not only does it produce one of the most luxurious wool fibers, it’s also consuming a small amount of water compared to goats.

The Alpaca is a variety of llama. Alpacas fibers is softer than cashmere and lighter, warmer and more durable than wool. One of the advantages of the Alpaca is that it's coat exists in many natural shades-ranging from off-white to black. 22 officially recognized colours. 

We give you four of the most important benefits of this material:

1. Their padded feet are gentle on the terrain and they graze without destroying the root system.

2. The colour diversity - because of it's natural variety.

3. The fibers are long-lasting, if cared for properly.

4. They only consume a small amount of water compared to goats.